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+Battlefield: The Battlefield is the area where all the exciting battles of Kamehouse happen! This area is not for ameteurs though! So please, if you are a member, or even if you are not, come and enjoy the Battlefield!

+Marketplace: Wanna buy that new sword that you've had your eye on? Well here's the place where you make all your economic moves! Anyone is welcomed here!

+Join Kamehouse DBZ RPG: Do you like what you see so far? Well, please join the Dragonball RPG. Many characters are available!

+Join Squaresoft RPG: Ever wanted to be one of your favorite Squaresoft characters? Well here is your chance! Please join the Squaresoft RPG for some exciting roleplaying experiences!

Final Fantasy VI World
Unfortunately, only Midgar is available right now, until someone explores the continent a little more. But on the upside, Midgar is a big city with many shops, but only a few battlefields...

Sector 7 Slums
Sector 6
++Easily one of the busiest cities in the world, but Midgar has a HUGE pollution problem. It is pretty difficult to open a business in Midgar, but once you do, the profit can be pretty high...

Any Mercenary Group gets an extra condition on they're contracts
 Midgar Mercenary Group
 The ONLY Mercenary Group in Midgar! We have some of the finest warriors for hire!

 Midgar Item Shop
 A small shop, selling various
  Weapons and Armors...

 Midgar Materia Shop
A small Materia Shop, selling only low level Materia...

 7th Heaven
A great Inn! The finest in the Sector 6 Slums! Low Prices! Also, a Pub with the best drinks in Midgar!

 [ Opening ]

 The only land for sale in Midgar, GREAT for Mercenary Groups. This prime choice of land is 15,000 Gil!

Occupations [ Jobs ]
 Midgar Mercenary Group Member
 Be a member of the well  known Mercenary Group. Paid per contract completed...
 Midgar Item Shop Employee
  Work for the Shop, gaining potential customers. Paid per customer who refers you. Possibly end up owning the shop, if dedicated and skilled...

 Dragonball Z RPG
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