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+Battlefield: The Battlefield is the area where all the exciting battles of Kamehouse happen! This area is not for ameteurs though! So please, if you are a member, or even if you are not, come and enjoy the Battlefield!

+Marketplace: Wanna buy that new sword that you've had your eye on? Well here's the place where you make all your economic moves! Anyone is welcomed here!

+Join Kamehouse DBZ RPG: Do you like what you see so far? Well, please join the Dragonball RPG. Many characters are available!

+Join Squaresoft RPG: Ever wanted to be one of your favorite Squaresoft characters? Well here is your chance! Please join the Squaresoft RPG for some exciting roleplaying experiences!

Adventure Quests

 ++Search for the Dragonballs Pt.2!
-Find the mystical 2-star Dragonball!

Need a Dragon Radar

 ++Search for the Dragonballs Pt.3!
-Find the mystical 3-star Dragonball!

 Need a Dragon Radar
 ++Find the Gadgets Pt.1!
-Find a part for a brand new machine!

Must have a Spacecraft
               (more Quests soon)
When a Quest has been completed, noone else may take that Quest.

++Take a close look at the Quests. Some have different colors. That is because some of the Quests are Good, Evil, or Neutral.

++Green- Good
++Red- Evil
++Blue- Neutral

++If you take enough of the same type of Quest (Good, Evil, or Neutral), then your character will react in different ways in different situations.

++Ex: Vegeta is Evil, and takes the Find the Healing Potion Quest. He completes the Quest, but THEN he steals the ailing martial arts masters gauntlets. All before the evil saiyan eats his dinner!

Your characters Quest Level determines how adventurous they are.
++Upon every completed Quest, you gain Quest Experience Points. Sometimes this amount depends on how your character reacts on the Quest. And this in turn is determined by what your character is motivated by.

++And to choose what your character is motivated by, the Webmaster will ask you a few questions, and it will 'flesh out' your character, and determine how they react in situations, since Quests are automatically done. Pretty neat, HUH?

 Dragonball Z RPG

Final Fantasy VI
++ Characters
++ World
++ Esper System

Final Fantasy VII
++ Characters
++ World
++ Materia System

Final Fantasy VIII
++ Characters
++ World
++ Materia System

Final Fantasy IX
++ Characters
++ World
++ Ability System

Final Fantasy Tactics
++ Characters
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++ Job System

++ Characters
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++ Battle System

Chrono Trigger
++ Characters
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++ Tech System

Chrono Cross
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++ Elements System