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+Battlefield: The Battlefield is the area where all the exciting battles of Kamehouse happen! This area is not for ameteurs though! So please, if you are a member, or even if you are not, come and enjoy the Battlefield!

+Marketplace: Wanna buy that new sword that you've had your eye on? Well here's the place where you make all your economic moves! Anyone is welcomed here!

+Join Kamehouse DBZ RPG: Do you like what you see so far? Well, please join the Dragonball RPG. Many characters are available!

+Join Squaresoft RPG: Ever wanted to be one of your favorite Squaresoft characters? Well here is your chance! Please join the Squaresoft RPG for some exciting roleplaying experiences!

Training Quests

Master Roshi Training
++Destructo Disk -------
++Kamehame Ha -------

Kami Training (Must have completed at least 3 GOOD Quests)
++Masekno -------
++Special Beam Cannon -------

Korin Training
++Grow Senzu Beans -------

King Kai Training (Must be in Other Dimension)
++Kaio Ken -------
++Spirit Bomb -------

Guru Training (Need Spacecraft)
++Heal -------
++Power Up -------

Mystic Training
++Multi Image -------
++Tri Beam -------

Time Room Training
++Finish Buster -------
++Instant Transmission -------

Gravity Training
++Big Bang Attack -------
++Final Flash -------
++Super Saiyan -------

Desert Training
++Hyper Energy Bomb -------
++Steal -------

Space Training
++Body Change -------

++Ki Attack
++Ki Defense
 Dragonball Z RPG

Final Fantasy VI
++ Characters
++ World
++ Esper System

Final Fantasy VII
++ Characters
++ World
++ Materia System

Final Fantasy VIII
++ Characters
++ World
++ Materia System

Final Fantasy IX
++ Characters
++ World
++ Ability System

Final Fantasy Tactics
++ Characters
++ World
++ Job System

++ Characters
++ World
++ Battle System

Chrono Trigger
++ Characters
++ World
++ Tech System

Chrono Cross
++ Characters
++ World
++ Elements System