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Find Kami's Staff
(The warrior Tapion is training, when suddenly he hears a strange voice.)

Tapion (to himself, training)- Have to get stronger!...

Voice- Tapion...

Tapion- Wha?!

Voice- Tapion!

Tapion- Who IS that!?

Voice- TAPION!!

Tapion- Uhhh...yes?

Voice- It is me, the guardian of Earth, Kami!

Tapion- Kami? Oh, wow! I always wanted to meet you. Although I wouldn't exactly call this meeting you "face to face"...

Kami- I have a favor to ask of you. I need you to find my staff. You see, Mr. Popo has seemed to misplace it somewhere on Earth...

Tapion- Sure! Anything for the Guardian of Earth!

Kami- Very well...
- The staff is supposed to be somewhere near the Yunzabit Mountains. But the monsters there are said to be vicious....
-...Be careful, Tapion...

Tapion- Don't worry, Kami...I'll get your Staff back!

(Tapion flies to the Yunzabit Mountains, but this place is unfamiliar to him. It is filled with caverns and canyons...)

Tapion- This place is huge! It might take all day for me to find Kami's Staff...


Tapion- Huh!?

(A monster jumps out of one of the canyons!)

Tapion- (gets in fighting stance)- I guess Kami was right about those monsters!

(Tapion starts battlimg the monster, until he notices something odd...)

Tapion-(fighting)- This monster is somehow weaker than it should be...
- Wait! The Staff! It is stuck on the monster's back!

(Tapion reaches for the monsters back, and pulls the staff out)

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